OPJSAA, also stands for the betterment of school education in India. Having stated that, it plans to come up with different programmes for school students which would ensure better educational opportunities. First in this series is the ‘Educate a child’ cause, where the association, in partnership with OPJS, will sponsor education of under privileged children.

For this, all the members are requested to donate whatever they can to encourage as many children as possible, from a financially unstable background, to avail the privilege of education. We aim to make this into a scholarship and eventually into ‘Education Fund’, where students from the school can avail the benefit of school education.

The funds have started growing, thanks to the Alumni of the school, more information on the donation process will be available soon. To see who have donated till now, click here

Initially we plan to start with one student, and sponsor his/her education for an academic year. This will begin by the end of the year. Once the guidelines, rules and regulation are in place, we will move forward to nomination students for this programme. Academic records and temperament would be kept in mind while selecting deserving students.

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