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Consolidated report of ALUMNI MEET 2015

WIN_20151222_19_49_16_Pro¬† June 13, 2015 proved to be a day for all ex-opjs’ians to get together and cherish old school days. The alumni meet 2015 was held on 13th June 2015 at the school auditorium. Around 25 teachers and 190 students gathered in the alumni evening. The program started at 4 in the evening with the registration process. After the registrations were over and the alumnis got seated inside the auditorium, the program started at 4:50pm. Continuing the tradition of the school, the program started with lamp-lighting ceremony by the senior teachers of school. The anchors, Ayushi Agrawal and Aditya Bansal, then, pushed the program ahead and called Apurva Saraf, Parul sharma and Nayan Bareth for sharing their experience of school life. To make the crowd fill with joy was the dance next on the program list. The dance was performed by Aadesh Agrawal and group. Next was a questionnaire round hosted by Arpan Pandey and Manan agrawal. The questions proved to be a good way to get flash-back of school memories. Gifts were awarded for each right answer given by the alumni. To fill the crowd with laughter was now Ineet tuteja with stand-up comedy. The comedy show was enjoyed to the extent. As the sun was setting and moon was ready to take up the sky, the band group made everyone moves their toes. Vocalist Devashish guru, Abhinav dubey, Tanya daniel, guitarist Ayush Tripathy and synthesizer master Shikhar Daniel rocked the stage with bollywood, classical, hollywood and chhattisgarhi songs. The ones-more appeal of the audience was never-ending.


Next was the speech for which every alumni waited for, speech by the principal Mr R.K. Trivedi. Principal Sir on his speech congratulated the organizers Saurabh agrawal, Shikhar daniel Siddhanth Mahapatra and Aditya bansal for putting up a great show. He showered words of blessings and thanked for being a part of the show that evening. His excitement could be seen when he jumped the stage on audience-demand. It was now time for games, which thrilled up everyone. Sack-race and lemon-spoon race was organised for boys and girls respectively. The game was successfully conducted by Arpan Pandey, Manan Agrawal and Shikhar Daniel. Winners of each round were awarded with gifts by Principal sir. Memorizing the old school days, it was Aditya Bansal again in his school uniform who recited beautiful self-written poem. The anchors than called for  Siddhanth Mahapatra to tell about the future action plan of OPJSAA. It was followed by vote of thanks by Aditya Bansal and Ayushi Agrawal.


To keep a smiling-memory of the day which was filled with enjoyment, fun and laughter, photo-session was organised batch-wise. As the moon showered its milky light, the teachers and the alumnis moved forward for the snacks. The helping hand offered by Mr Pradip Mishra and Mrs Sangeeta Christopher, and the event managed by Saurabh Agrawal, Aditya Bansal and Shikhar Daniel, and with online promotion with help of Siddhanth Mahapatra made everyone go back with a smile that evening.

report by :- Arpan Pandey



Old memories refreshed at OPJS Alumni Meet 2010

Many lost friends finally met, many screamed with joy, few cried, few smiled, but all admitted they miss their school life. Such was the Alumni Meet 2010, held at OPJS Auditorium on 11th June, which witnessed these vivid emotions. The Alumni Meet successfully brought together around 168 Alumni, right from the batch of 2002 to the batch of 2010.

“Today, after years, I again said, ‘Mom, I am going to School’, when I started from my house’, said Romsha Sharma, the first Head Girl of the school. This was followed by many remembrances and nostalgic emotions being exchanged. A photo montage was screened which showcased the good days spent here by all the batches.

The Alumni paid homage to a very dear friend, Abhinav Mehta, whose absence was deeply felt.

The Principal of the School, R.K. Trivedi sir, gave many valuable suggestions to what can be done in the meet. It was also decided that the future meets will be conducted on 11th June itself every year. The formats, of course, need to be discussed further.

Bebortha sir recalled the early days of the school, which used to be conducted in three rooms of the factory quarters and what it has become now, a sprawling campus with more than 3000 students on roll.

Moreover, the interactive session witnessed games, enjoyment and some people speaking their heart out, while chocolates were being distributed to the winners by their favourite teachers, as for others there were punishments as well.

The Alumni Association also plans to sponsor a Child’s education every year, starting this year, which would turn into a scholarship programme in a span of few years. For this purpose, around 52 students donated generously, along with 14 teachers and staff. The total donations went up to Rs. 5,400/-.

After the school, we tend to miss many things, which include the National Anthem, which was sung at the end of the meet, followed by group photo session.

Meanwhile, there was a considerable increase in our database as well, around 100 new entries were made in the database, which has reached to updated records of 302 students as of now.

The programme was conceived and organised by the OPJS-AA, with its preliminary body members being in the forefront. Along with them, the Prefectorial body of the present class XII batch were involved in volunteering, who did a marvellous job in handling registrations and arrangements at the venue.

It was a beautiful evening, where students revisited their memories of the time they spent in their second home. All the alumni received a souvenir bearing the signature of the principal wishing them a good time at their second home. All the teachers also received bookmarks, as a gift by the Association.