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As promised, the discussion forums are now active!

Let us take you through a brief process of how they work. We are still setting certain things up. So, as of now, you’d need to log-in to your WordPress account to have access to the forums. This is to enable us to keep the forum moderated and spam-free.

If you do not have a WordPress account, you can create one here. It is easy and hassle-free.

Once you’ve logged in, you will need to request access to the discussion forum; which we will process within hours. And you are ready to go!

The reason behind these extra steps is make sure the forums are secure and spam-free.

The link to the discussion forum is in the main menu above.

We hope you will enjoy the forum experience thoroughly!

For any questions, do write to us, or comment under this post.


Discussion Forums

Dear All,

It has been great six years since we began this journey.

On 23rd May 2010, we formed the association to connect back to our roots, our school. Ultimately, this is where all of us started from, even if we spent a year or maybe ten, we all have been part of this school at some point, and have taken the essence of being a student of this prestigious institution.

The school also turned 20 this year, and we would like to join in the celebrations.

I am writing to you to invite you to take part in our new feature on the website. Due to a lot of requests from the students and some suggestions from the school administration, we have decided to open a dedicated discussion forum.

This discussion forum will be a space for Alumni and the students studying in OPJS to interact, take advice and suggestions, to gain from the experience of those who have passed out from the school.
The discussion forum will feature forums for topics like Career advice and suggestions, Industry oriented discussions, discussions on possibilities in higher education and research and discovering newer avenues and alternative career options.

Starting 1st June, we will link the discussion boards to this website and we can all discuss, connect and talk to each other through this feature.

If you have some suggestions, please feel free to write to us:
Anadi Athaley – anadiathaley@gmail.com
Siddhant Mahapatra – siddhanthmahapatra@gmail.com

We will try to address as many questions and feature requests as it will be possible within the time frame.

It is an ongoing effort, and a participatory one. I hope you will join in the discussions and help each other out as a community and as Alumni of OPJS.

With warm regards,

Anadi Athaley
Secretary, OPJSAA