Showcase: An artist in making

Vaibhav Chouhan (Batch of 2004) started out very simply but thought big. Or lets just say, thought differently. He is an artist who paints and clicks outstanding pictures. His paintings reflect the solitude and celebration at a very surreal level. He has been painting for a while now. The above painting is just one of the above, which has been sold already. We had a small little chat with him. Here is an excerpt:

Q. Paintings and photography, how?

A. I used to be attracted to drawings and paintings since childhood. They used to interest me deeply. When I went to Pune to pursue engineering, I got to meet a lot of people in this field and got the exposure which made me rethink about my life and career. I dropped my engineering and joined an animation school. There, I learned and experienced a series of things I loved and appreciated. Photography was always a hobby and it helped me to observe the things around me and led me deeply into painting as well.

Q. What are you doing these days?

A. I am currently working for my dad in our family business.

Q. And your plans?

A. I plan to freelance soon – both in Painting and Photography. I plan to start a small business here.

We wish Vaibhav a great luck towards his plans and wish he gets success. You can contact Vaibhav on his facebook page or through us in case you’d like to buy or even see some of his paintings.


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