Issue 1

Editor’s Note

Issue 1


Welcome to ALMA MATER! It is our mouth-piece, news digest or just a magazine; haven’t really fixed on one. Let us see how it goes.

So this web magazine is a bimonthly publication, it will only be published on this website. We plan to feature Alumni from different walks of life, who have some inspiration to lend to us. Every issue we would try to keep the community updated with big news from the Alumni circle. I would also request all the Alumni through this to keep sending us their contributions in the form of articles, news, their own achivements/awards and anything! We would be glad to feature everyone of the Alumni.

So, in this issue we talk to Bhaskar Jha (Batch 2003) and find out what he is doing to keep his passion going. (Read his interview here). We will also hold a showcase page, where we would have our alumni who are also artists showcase their work. This issue features Vaibhav Chouhan’s painting (See it here). We also explore the need to have the Alumni Association and lay down a few inside scoop of what our future plans are (Read it here). All this in the coming week. Keep exploring!

We would like to feature more Alumni and a lot of them! So, please write to us at

Whether you are going abroad, getting married, receiving an award or making paintings, clicking photographs or maybe teaching, helping children or involved in a social cause, or if you have become an expert and ready to help others, or you are doing something, which very few have done before, please let us know!

We would keep posting different features and stories under the first issue over the next one week, so keep coming back and checking and let others know!

Happy Reading!

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