Glimpses of the alumni meet-11

Alumni meet-2011 was a mark of  joy. All the lost friends met and remembered there old school days. Their feeling of happiness can’t be compared to anything when they met the school teachers and specially respected principal sir. Everybody was welcomed by a rose and were asked to write a message on a white cloth adjacent to the collarge of the ex-students of opjs.

The anchors of the show( Indrajeet Mishra and Aakanksha Pagey) started the show with a beautiful poem about the school life.Then it was Druvi Dwivedi who gave a brief  introduction about “Education for 1” which is a cause supported by Alumnae of opjs.However, this year it could manage collecting only Rs.2125 only which marks a shame for all of us. Nevertheless, with the help of previous years collection we could manage donating about Rs.10,000, the details of which will be provided by the end of the session.

Then came the motivating speech of our principal sir.He told his views on the alumni meet and the purpose it got to serve.After which we honored Mrs.Manjula Choubey for completing 15 years in the school.We felt blessed with her speech.

Then there was a band performance by a band called insignia.At the end of this band performance a fusion performance headed by mahant sir came up the classical song “jhanak jhanak”.

After this there came up the fun zone where everybody enjoyed and won prizes in one-min games.

Then came up the rocking performance in the form of bhangra by “Bhangra Queens”.

After the experience shared Ms.Romsha Sharma at the school all began dreaming about their school days again.

Then came a dance performance by J.Aatish Rao.After which there was a group photo session followed by high tea and snacks.

It was a beautiful evening, where students revisited their memories of the time they spent in their second home.

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