What would you like?

In the first in the series, of feedback, from the Alumni, we would be asking you many questions, to know till where we have succeeded and what we have failed to achieve. The question of the week is:

Q. Complete this sentence: In the next Alumni meet, I would like to __________.

Please complete this sentence. 😀

6 thoughts on “What would you like?”

  1. I would like every one to invite all the alumni to the coming meet, which was not properly done in the previous one. I felt a sense of ignorance in the last meet. This is the common stage where we can interact and meet so many of old friends and relive the old memories.

    It is my sincere request to the organisers to give this job to someone responsible who shall be answerable.

    1. Hi Deepesh,

      Sincere apologies for the mis-management in the last meet.

      On behalf of the organisers, we ensure that we would try our best to invite 100% this time. If you’d like to help or volunteer in this, please give us your name, and we’d be glad to have more people taking up this job, as this is the single most difficult thing to handle.


  2. I would like to participate in all d work and activities which i ws nt able to do last yr.. want to give my full contri dis yr..

  3. i would like to have more of frolic this time (although i missed the last meet..). It shouldn’t be full of speeches and discussions. The students of class XI should arrange for some cultural programmes..no singing please!!. And the two batches i.e. XI and XII shud join for the meet..if principal sir allows for the same..I guess they should get a chance to interact with the alumni..

  4. I also could not attend last meet but am definitely willing to. I agree with what Ankita Dixit is saying. Only one thing that OPJS could get out of this meet is providing its interested students a chance to interact. Also, one thing they can do is calling distinguished Alumnus, say e.g. Bhaskar Jha whom every one knows and others who have gone some good way in their career, for a short inspiring lecture.

    Rest of the things for entertainment can be sorted out.

  5. I wasn’t able to attend the last Alumni meet, but will be there for sure this time. Recently I visited Raigarh after 5 years and got to meet lot of my old friends and teachers. I didn’t have much time to go to Jindal and meet everyone but I managed to meet Pradeep Sir and also a few students from current XII batch.
    I would love to have a QnA session with XI and XII batch and would love to guide them from my experience.
    Such meets should be a platform for the current students to get the BEST from their seniors and a chance for all of us to re-live the good old days. I am not sure what all we did last time, but we can definitely discuss to make it bigger and better this time. Let me know your thoughts.

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