Prelude III: Meet 2011


Emails are being sent to many people informing them about the meet. We are still in the process of registering maximum possible Alumni before the next meet. The Association will share its database in the next meet with the school.

Meanwhile, all of you are requested to encourage your batchmates to register with the association. The registration link is on the right of this page.

There have been requests to modify the timings of the meet, and to make it longer and more casual. We would like to have more suggestions based on this.

Moreover, we are also registering with the Registration of Societies Act, so that all the Alumni would also be able to get a tax waiver on their donations.

The money collected in the Alumni Meet 2010, will be donated to the school, once the accounting is in place. The procedure we follow has to be transparent, and hence the delay.

I hope everyone would come forward and help build a strong alumni body.



5 thoughts on “Prelude III: Meet 2011”

  1. Hi, another thing i wanted to put was contact information. I know people on facebook twitter orkut follow us dearly but for the convinience I would love to have something tabbed out on the website about contact info. yahoo or gmail opjsaa account, a phone number(not mandatory obviously). second, I wanted for our organisation to take up corporate social responsibility and highlight it in 2011 meet. Obviously we would have to join hands with Jindal because that is probably the only source of work but we should widen the approach to different projects of jindal all around India sending money help whatever…may sound little pre matured but again anadi mayur and sumit will definately scrap out something good out of my thought. thanks

  2. We would like one person from each batch to take up an initiative and make your own facebook or orkut groups, and link them to the association blog. That way we will have mulitiple websites which connect to one, and it will help us contact each other quite easily.

    One such effort is done by Rishabh Jain and Govind Rajput, commendable.

    1. is 2007 batch taken?? and by the way are there different reps for different sections. I’m down with my Biology 2007 12th section. I have all of them in contacts. Let me know, please. Thanks

      1. Kartikeya,

        None of the batches are taken, you can go ahead and start one, dont limit yourself to your section, just spread the word and try getting as many people into the group as possible. 🙂

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