Prelude II: Alumni Meet 2011

The next Alumni Meet is scheduled in 10 months from now, on 11th June, 2011, Saturday.

Please spread the word to as many people as possible. The Association will personally send messages to everyone. We would like each and everyone of you to spread the details about this event to all your OPJS friends, seniors, juniors or class mates. Ask those who have not registered, to do that from our website:

We will also be unveiling a new logo for the association in a month’s time. If you have a design in mind, please send a design before: 10th September 2010 to email id: The logo should clearly have the words: OPJSAA.

All the experienced ones, can give the feedback regarding what went wrong in the first Alumni Meet, what was good and what would you like to add..This would help in organising the event smoothly…:)

And the active ones from each batch can put forward their names, so that we have an official batch representative. Atleast two from each batch.

For the information, Association has an interim body of governing committee, which comprises of President (Sumit Jindal), Secretary (Anadi Athaley) and Treasurar (Mayur Agrawal). This interim body will hold office till the next election in the Alumni Meet.

Hoping to get quick replies regarding this 😀
Hope you’d all be enjoying your lives,

With warm regards,

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