Volunteers Required

Departments ( Total 20 people required)


This team, maximum three people, will take care of the management of the tangibles at the venue. It will take care of all the materials, including arranging for dias, lamps, cards, tables, chairs, stands, exhibitions, notices, signage, flowers and edibles.

Planning and Supervision

This team, three people, will plan out itinerary of the meet, in-depth schedule of different events, invitations for guests, faculty and staff, supervision at the venue on the meet day, informing everyone about the changes and other information. They will also plan the locations, along with the logistics team.

Creatives and Technical

This team, two people, will be taking care of creatives like banners, signage, posters, invitations etc. They will also take care of technical specification at the venue on the day, including light arrangements, microphones, A/C, speaker systems and other requirements.


This team, two people, will have to take care of the reservation of seats at the venue, seating arrangement, inviting the honorary guests at the venue on the day of the event, arrange for the customary rituals on the dias (including bouquets, water, opening song etc.) They will have to additionally plan out the reception desk, the registration process, where the new alumni will be registered on the spot.

After party team

If there is an after party, this team, two people, will be the sole responsible people for planning and execution of a great after party, at a minimum cost.

Aditionally, two people will be needed to host the event; One in Hindi and the other in English. Two people will be needed for registration desk. If there is an exhibition, one person will be needed for supervision. We would also need three volunteers for miscellaneous work.

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