Minutes of the Meeting with the Principal

The organising committee held a meeting with Principal sir. The minutes of this meeting are:

General Guidelines and Discussion:

  • Financial matters should be handled by someone who is expert in this field. It was decided to maintain a blind account, and take donations from the alumni for the cause of educating needy students of the school, who cannot afford the fee. This donation should be recurring and should build up as the alumni grow in numbers.
  • It was also decided to ask all the alumni to contribute Rs. 100/- as the Membership fee and donation, to being with. This amount will be used  for expenditure in the meets and the rest to be used for the purpose of donation account.
  • It was also decided to hold ex-officio elections after one year, to fill up posts of coordinators, president, secretary and treasurer. The more recent Head Boys, Head Girls and Cultural Secretaries will be in the core committee and will replace the older ones time and again. This will ensure that the spirit is kept alive and the new generation will be given responsibility everytime.
  • A futuristic planning is necessary, which everyone agreed to, in order to make these meets more meaningful. The duty of the alumni should also be clear and well defined.

About the present Alumni Meet:

  • The schedule of the meet has been shifted from afternoon to evening, considering the temperature and the season.
  • The dress code would be ‘Traditional Indian Wear’.
  • Snacks and Tea/Coffee will be served, and it should be outsourced to someone nearby, preferably someone who stays in Jindal Garh.
  • Photographs will be passed on to us by the school for the purpose of the photo montage by Mr. Shishrudhan.
  • It was decided that four teachers would be approached to become the Coordinator of the Alumni Meet, viz. Mr. Saurav Guha, Capt. Shweta Singh, Mrs. Leena Chacko and Mr. Sandeep Paul.
  • It was also decided that Mr. G.D. Mahant will be approached for the cultural programmes.
  • There is a meeting fixed with the Head Boy, Head Girl and Cultural Secrataries of the prefectorial body, for assistance in the administration of the meet. This meeting is scheduled for 8th June, at 10:00 am.
  • Auditorium arrangements will be taken care of by Mr. Sanjay Debnath, who should be approached for administrative issues.

A Promo Video

A film is being planned which will be a collection of different pictures depicting time spent by the alumni in the school. It has been decided that the film will be maximum 10 minutes in duration.

We have received pictures from batch of 2006. Alumnus from all other batches are requested to send their pictures (maximum 20) to either opjsaa@gmail.com or anadiathaley@gmail.com. Anyone can send pictures.

Please take care that the pictures have no explicit content, as per the norms decided by the association. Please cooperate and send us pictures as soon as possible.