Last Stage


There have been many updates which you, as a member of the association, should know.

First of all, the school has recognised the association and has also linked its website to this one.

Secondly, apart from the alumni meets, we also plan on different platforms of interaction of the alumni, so that we can keep in touch with each other and take help and advice from our seniors as well.

Thirdly, the upcoming Alumni meet will be held somewhere in mid-June and we hope to come up with a proper date within this week. Everyone of you who have registered with us (this is also a reminder for those who have not, please register here) will receive an SMS or a call from us, informing about the date.  To make it a success, we all have to lend some of our time to it.

Moreover, we also plan to arrange for interaction with the present students, staff, sharing views, a school tour and an after party! For all this, we would need local volunteers, at max, 4 people who can inquire the details and help us arrange the events. It will be an informal event and a break from our daily routines.

We also plan to involve the staff and teachers at this level and take their suggestions in what should be done. We would be contacting them very soon. Hoping that this would update you on the activities in the last month. Once we are through with the initial setting up process, we hope to generate a healthy activity and dialogue amongst us.

With high hopes,

Anadi Athaley

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