Alumni Meet to be held in Mid-June

Due to the technical reasons of availability of the venue, the dates of the meet still has to be finalized. But more or less, it will happen somewhere in June. We are sorry for the delay being caused, but we hope to resolve it soon.

Secondly, the association has been formed on a temporary basis as of now. To make it a strong student body, we need representatives from all the batches. So far, we have got very few of them. Representatives do not have to give a lot of time, they will be the message bearers, who would be asked for opinions on association matters.

We also need people who stay at Raigarh and devote atleast 2-3 hours in a week to decide on the activities and venues. As of now, there are hardly any representatives who stay there.

We have been getting good response regarding the database buildup, I hope many of you would come forward and fill the form. If you want to register with us, click here

Expecting Cooperation,

Anadi Athaley

2 thoughts on “Alumni Meet to be held in Mid-June”

  1. Bhaiya, i can act as a representative from here(Raigarh).Just let me learn what exactly i need to do.

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