Alumni Meet 2010

It is being considered that an Alumni meet can be planned in June/July 2010, based on the kind of response we get. We are also planning to introduce membership by default, which means you do not have to register for being a member..but have to submit your details…which would automatically make you a member.

It is decided to hold the meet on 11th June 2010. All are cordially invited.

Any other suggestions regarding what the association should do can be put in the comments section, we should all discuss the possibilities after all!

8 thoughts on “Alumni Meet 2010”

  1. Gaurav, I could only wish man, though im in india however I wont be making it. Ill push through though, hope you guys have fun. Good luck specially anadi and sumit bro

  2. Its gr8 to b part of the school,batchmates and all our juniors again after yearsthrough this Meet.So glad that this initiative was taken.

    God Bless you all and things will be gr8 4 sure.

    Romsha Di

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