Off beat career choices?

Hello all! It’s 2016 and the era of hybrid careers and specialisations and even super-specialisations has arrived quickly. A lot of career options earlier considered unworthy have not only become substantial, but also popular. So tell us which of these interest you the most?


Discussion Forums are here!

As promised, the discussion forums are now active!

Let us take you through a brief process of how they work. We are still setting certain things up. So, as of now, you’d need to log-in to your WordPress account to have access to the forums. This is to enable us to keep the forum moderated and spam-free.

If you do not have a WordPress account, you can create one here. It is easy and hassle-free.

Once you’ve logged in, you will need to request access to the discussion forum; which we will process within hours. And you are ready to go!

The reason behind these extra steps is make sure the forums are secure and spam-free.

The link to the discussion forum is in the main menu above.

We hope you will enjoy the forum experience thoroughly!

For any questions, do write to us, or comment under this post.

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